About Your Room

Music Scenery Videos Music Scenery Videos Relaxation videos featuring music and scenery are available 24-hours a day on all in-house televisions. This continuous video format provides beautiful nature images and instrumental music specially composed and produced to create a calm environment. Please refer to the channel listings on your television. Patient Telephones All patients are provided telephones in their rooms and can make local calls, free of charge, by dialing "9" followed by the local number. Patients may make long distance calls by calling the Queen's operator "0" to place the call. Patients may call collect, use a credit card, place third number billings or use telephone debit cards to place chargeable calls from their rooms. Personally owned cellular telephones and laptops may be used in patient rooms.
Television For your viewing pleasure, cable television is provided in your room. Channel assignments are listed on a special in-house channel for your convenience. A patient education channel which promotes health education and wellness is also provided. Closed captioned television is available for the hearing impaired. Text Telephones Text Telephones for the hearing and speech impaired are located across from the Nalani 1 Information Desk. If available, a portable TTY unit can also be set up in your room by a Patient Relations Representative.