Meet Our Team

Starting a medical or surgical weight loss program is a big decision, and one that requires significant preparation and commitment.  If you are a candidate for medical or surgical weight loss, you will be guided through the process by your weight loss team.

Your Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Team

At The Queen's Comprehensive Weight Management Program (CWMP), we value a multidisciplinary team approach. Our bariatric doctors rely on the skills and knowledge of a large group of experienced professionals, including surgeons, bariatricians (medical specialists), nurses, registered dietitians, psychologists and exercise physiologists.

Our multidisciplinary team of weight loss professionals includes:

  • Board certified surgeons, fellowship trained in minimally invasive and bariatric surgery, as well as endoscopy
  • Board certified physicians who specialize in bariatric medicine
  • Registered Dietitians
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Registered nurses certified in bariatric nursing

Our registered dietitians conduct medically supervised individual nutrition counseling.  Patients are provided the skills and knowledge to promote lifelong healthy eating habits.

Program participants undergo body composition analysis and are provided information on various exercise options, including walking groups, gyms and pools.  Physician directed physical therapy and aqua therapy are ordered as needed.  Patients are given an exercise prescription based upon their exercise preferences and medical issues.  The CWMP team will help the patient learn how and why exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle.

Our clinical psychologists work with patients to help them make the major lifestyle change that must occurs to achieve success with long term weight loss and maintenance.



Bariatric Surgeons
Pre-certification Specialists
Registered Dietitians