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Lasik–Clear Vision in Your Future

Wouldn't you love to be able to read your bedside clock without straining? Imagine surfing or paddling without risking loss of a contact lens. Lasik—a refractive eye surgery—is a very real solution to these dreams.

The procedure involves removal of small amounts of tissue to reshape the eye for improved vision. Queen's Same Day Surgery Center (SDS) now offers this increasingly popular surgery. So, when looking for top quality health care in a convenient, cost effective and attractive setting, think Queen's Same Day Surgery Center.

The recent acquisition of the new LADARVision® AE 4000 Excimer Laser System has made the SDS the only major medical facility in the Islands to offer an advanced technology, FDA-approved laser for correcting the widest range of refractive errors.

Myopia, (near sightedness) and hyperopia, (far sightedness)—with regular and mixed astigmatism—can all be treated effectively with the SDS's LADARVision® system. Patients with severe nystagmus (involuntary eye movements) who were previously not candidates for Lasik surgery can also be treated with the new techniques due to a precise eye tracking system that samples eye position 4000 times per second. Eye position data provided directly to the laser ensures accurate laser spot placement for the proper refractive correction. Patients not subject to nystagmus may also benefit from the eye tracker because it simplifies treatment. The SDS sophisticated LADARVision® automatically compensates for the tendency of the eyeball to rotate while a patient lies down. It is the only PDA-approved system of its kind.

Queen's LADARVision® system allows the least amount of tissue removal, which means greater corrections with less impact to the patient. The system permits fine corneal sculpting and smooth tissue removal. With the capability to treat a large area, the LADARVision® 4000 minimizes glareand halos normally associated with night vision. Built-in safety features and systems make it easier for the patient to undergo treatment, as well as for the surgeon to perform it.

If you are considering refractive surgery, or want to know more about how your vision may be improved using this advanced, well-proven LADARVision® 4000 system, call the Queen's Same Day Surgery Center at 808.547.4798. If you are looking for a physician familiar with this procedure, please contact the Queen's Referral Line at 808.537.7117.

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