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Pharmaceutical Services
Intravenous Admixture Service

Queen’s IV room is located in the central pharmacy of the Queen's Medical Center, and is staffed by a team of highly trained pharmacists and technicians. The majority of the intravenous fluids, with or without added medications, used throughout the hospital are prepared in the IV room. Medications include antibiotics, chemotherapy, and electrolytes. Queen’s also prepares intravenous nutrition solutions called 3-in-1 TPNs (Total Parenteral Nutrition) that are mixtures of lipids, dextrose, protein and other nutrients individually tailored to each patient.

Elements crucial to the process of preparing sterile products include stability of the mixtures, sterility, solubility of added ingredients, considerations of incompatibilities, storage and proper labeling. Proper disposal is a key consideration for the protection of personnel and the environment. Queen’s pharmacists possess the knowledge and skills to monitor these factors, while utilizing an ongoing quality assurance process to evaluate the pharmaceutical products.

By noon each day. Queen’s prepares over 1000 intravenous fluids for its patients. These solutions arrive at each nursing unit by 3:00 pm with TPN's being delivered by 6:00 pm. This includes service to Queen’s Outpatient Oncology unit.

Queen’s pharmacists take pride in maintaining a sterile compounding environment with the use of laminar flow hoods and aseptic techniques. Both vertical and horizontal laminar flow hoods are utilized daily in the preparation of all intravenous fluids. These hoods are maintained daily and certified regularly. Aseptic technique is the key to producing a sterile product. Queen’s follows guidelines put forth by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), OSHA, JCAHO and other organizations.

Monday thru Friday:
8:00am to 4:30pm





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