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Queen’s Day Treatment Services (DTS) is recognized as one of Hawaii’s most comprehensive adult outpatient treatment programs targeting mental health and substance abuse addictions. Its primary goal is to deliver services that are recovery-centered and geared toward fostering an individual’s ability to live, work, learn and function in their community roles. Day Treatment Services utilizes interventions that are evidence-based, encompassing curriculum within a supportive setting in order to provide the individual with the best opportunity for successful recovery. 

Categories of some common issues addressed at DTS are as follows:

  • Depression – hopelessness, home isolation, diminished self-worth, social withdrawal
  • Anxiety – fear, panic attacks, racing thoughts, post traumatic stress, disrupted sleep/eating patterns
  • Thought Disorders – delusional thinking, paranoia, disorganized thinking, difficulty concentrating, confusion
  • Mania – racing thoughts, excessive energy, irritability, irrational/grandiose thinking
  • Perceptual Impairments – auditory/visual hallucinations, psychosis, sensory distortion
  • Substance Abuse/Addiction – substance dependence, relapse, inability to cope with addiction
  • Interpersonal Difficulties – low self-esteem, limited social support, difficulty interacting with others
  • Grief/Loss – traumatic experiences, stress, loss of a loved one, inability to cope with change
  • Community Role Disruption – difficulty managing self-care, impaired work performance, difficulty accessing or limited understanding of community resources


Community Transition Program
The Community Transition Program provides services for people who are recovering from a severe mental illness, and who may also have a secondary substance abuse diagnosis. A wide range of groups target consumers who are able to handle an intensive array of therapy and psycho-educational classes and would benefit from short term treatment in order to return to their optimal functioning level. Special emphasis is places on building a supportive network with community resources as well as work readiness.

  • Classes are offered Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am-1pm. 
  • Lunch is offered daily.
  • To be screened for The Community Transition Program, leave a message on the screening line at 808.691.4157.


Intensive Outpatient Program
The Dual Diagnosis Intensive Outpatient Program provides treatment three days per week for people who have co-existing psychiatric and substance abuse problems. Consumers in the IOP program are able to maintain activities of daily living, but need additional support to maintain sobriety and manage co-occurring mental health symptoms. Consumers are divided into two tracks according to their risk of criminal recidivism, with the ultimate goals of long-term sobriety, improved pro-social behavior and symptom stabilization. The program provides individual and group counseling to engage consumers in treatment as well as psycho-educational groups focused on illness management, relapse prevention (for both psychiatric and substance abuse problems), skill building, occupational therapy, art therapy and work readiness. 

  • Classes are offered Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm. 
  • Participants are required to attend weekly 12 step meetings with signature verification and submit random supervised urine drug screens. 
  • Lunch can be purchased for a minimal fee.
  • To be screened for The Dual Diagnosis Intensive Outpatient Program, leave a message on the screening line at 808.691.4157.


Life Enhancement Program
The Life Enhancement Program provides treatment five days a week with the primary focus of relapse prevention for consumers with severe mental illness and substance abuse. This partial hospitalization program focuses on crisis stabilization, symptom/ medication management, and skill building to help the consumer maintain themselves in the community. Oftentimes, clients benefit from entering the Life Enhancement Program immediately following inpatient hospitalization stays to help soften the transition back into the community.

  • Classes are offered Monday through Friday from 9am-2pm. 
  • Lunch is offered daily.
  • To be screened for The Life Enhancement Program, leave a message on the screening line at 808.691.4157.


Treatment Providers

  • Psychiatrists
  • Social Workers (LCSW/LSW)
  • Marriage & Family Therapists (LMFT/MFT)
  • Certified Substance Abuse Counselors (CSAC)
  • Occupational Therapist (L/OTR)
  • Art Therapist (ATR)
  • Advanced Practitioner Registered Nurse (APRN/RN)
  • Behavioral Health Associate (BHA)
  • Nutritionist (RN)


How do I know if I need drug treatment?
Do you ever use alcohol or drugs to relax, to feel better about yourself, or to fit in? Do family or friends ever tell you to cut down on your use of alcohol or drugs? Have you ever gotten into trouble while you were using alcohol or drugs? If you’ve answered “yes” to some of these questions, find your substance use has interfered with personal relationships, work function, or negatively impacted important areas of your life, treatment can help.

What does dual diagnosis mean?
The term ‘dual diagnosis’ is used when a person has co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues. Research suggests that the majority of people who struggle with substance abuse also experience mental health symptoms. Oftentimes, people use substances to alleviate mental health symptoms (eg: depression, anxiety, hyperactivity), becoming dependant on those substances to feel “normal”. By addressing both substance abuse and mental health symptoms concurrently, consumers have a better shot at long-term recovery from both mental illness and substance abuse.

Are you a 12 step based program?
While we do require treatment participants to attend 12 step meetings, our treatment and curriculum are not 12 step focused. You will not be actively working on the 12 steps with counselors while in treatment here, however we do encourage consumers to engage in working the steps as appropriate for them and their recovery.

What is the process for getting into treatment?
Upon deciding you are interested in further exploring treatment at Day Treatment Services, you will call the Screening Line (808.691.4157) and leave a message that includes your name and contact information. You will receive a call back from one of our clinicians with in 24 hours who will set up an appointment for you to come to DTS for an initial meeting. This meeting will be an opportunity for you to ask further questions regarding treatment, and for us to assess if one of our programs can help meet you needs; these appointments generally last about 30 minutes. Following your initial appointment, you will be contacted within 24 hours to be offered services, possibly be put on a waitlist for services, or be referred for other services outside of DTS.

Are there any medications I cannot take while in treatment at Queen’s?
This will differ from program to program; our dual programs (IOP, 5 day partial hospitalization) are abstinence based which means we do not allow consumers to actively take mood altering substances while in treatment. However, our Life Enhancement and Community Transition Programs may allow clients to take particular medications including benzodiazepines, opiates, and stimulants should they be medically necessary.
If you are accepted into one of our dual programs and are currently prescribed one of these medications for a medical or psychiatric condition, we may postpone admission and ask that you, under a Dr’s care, discontinue taking the medication prior to beginning treatment. If you have any questions regarding your current medications, please bring them with you to you initial screening appointment.

What age populations do you serve?
Day Treatment will provide services to people beginning at age 18; we do not have a specific age limit. We are primarily an outpatient clinic providing mental health and substance abuse services. Should a person begin to experience symptoms that may be better addressed by specialized geriatric services, we will work to refer that person to the appropriate service provider.

Will my insurance cover the cost of treatment?
Most insurance plans offer coverage for outpatient services, however the length of approved time and copay varies depending on your plan. Contact your insurance company or review your summary of benefits for further information. For patients without insurance, limited funding may be available from the State of Hawai’i's Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division, the Adult Mental Health Division, and the Judiciary Branch.

How long will I stay in the program?
At DTS, we aim to provide the appropriate level of services for the appropriate amount of time; each person is different and we tailor treatment to the individual needs of each consumer. Length of stay in our program depends on what your treatment goals are, if you have requirements for treatment, and how the treatment team feels you are progressing in reaching those goals. Treatment goals are mutually determined by the consumer and the treatment team and primarily focus on stabilizing symptoms, strengthening recovery tools and increasing community involvement; requirements for completion of the treatment program will be clear and obtainable.

Do you conduct drug assessments for court?
No, we will not conduct a drug assessment for a court case unless it is a direct drug assessment referral from your probation officer to Day Treatment Services.


“My experience with Queen’s Day Treatment program has been an excellent one.  I learned many coping skills to deal with my major depression.  I never wanted this illness, but Queen’s Day Treatment program has helped make major depression more tolerable. The staff have been very supportive and sincere to me.  If someone with mental illness wishes to receive help from Queen’s Day Treatment program I would certainly recommend it.” (Client from Community Transition Program)

“I think treatment at Queen’s has been a very pleasant and beneficial experience for me.  I’ve attended class here and earned a clinical discharge.  The staff here are some of the most professional and compassionate people I’ve ever met.  I would recommend this program to anyone that is serious about recovery.” (Client from Life Enhancement Program)

“Queen’s Day Treatment Facility and it’s counselors are very caring and nurturing.  The program is very informative about mental illness and they provide us with essential coping tools; that is if we use it to help us progress into a much better life.  I would highly recommend this program to anybody who wants a life in recovery.” (Client from Life Enhancement Program) 

“I think treatment is very useful and effective to those that are willing to change, and wanting to change their life style from negative to positive.  I’ve gotten a lot out of treatment here; it’s made me realize how much better life is without drugs and alcohol.  It made me become a better man emotionally and physically; made me a better father to my child; and helped me to learn how to enjoy life.” (Client from Intensive Outpatient Program)

“I came to Queen’s needing a lot of help.  The five day program helped me to understand my illness, which was important to me.  The one-on-one with my counselor was extremely helpful.  All of the staff are so caring and yet run a strict program.  This is a facility where a person who really wants help and is committed can learn how to live in society as a clean and sober person and become valuable again.” (Client from 5 day Dual Partial Hospitalization)

“The counselors here empathize and try to understand our individual needs; they actually show sincere concern.  Other programs use tough love, thinking it’s the most effective way to rehabilitate addicts.  In my opinion, the approach of sincerity broke down any misconceptions I had about treatment.  I’d send anyone who really is honest with their addiction problems, and are trying their best to overcome their addiction and associated problems to give Queen’s Day Treatment the opportunity to show that there is a way to becoming a healthy individual once again.  Queen’s Day Treatment is definitely ahead of the rest in treatment.” (Client from Intensive Outpatient Program)

“I think Queen’s Day Treatment is very helpful to me because I got to learn about myself.  My daily homework teaches me about my symptoms and triggers.  I am learning new ways of thinking about myself and how to deal with different situations.  It has opened my eyes to see all the nuances of life and to choose a healthier way of living by being open, honest, consistent and reliable to a life of sobriety.” (Client from 5 day Dual Partial Hospitalization)

“I have found that coming to Queen’s Day Treatment has been educational and helpful in treating my substance abuse addiction.  It has been inspiring to know that there is hope out there for others in the community as far as drug rehabilitation goes.  Treatment has given me the learning skills and coping tools to prevent relapse so that I may not only understand my addiction, but learn how to implement my goals and to have a structured plan on my road to recovery.” (Client from Intensive Outpatient Program)

“At first, I didn’t want to come to treatment, but I’m glad I did.  It helped me get my life back on track and taught me about my mental illness.  Day Treatment has given me the proper tools I need to cope with daily life.” (Client from Community Transition Program)

“Being a part of the program was very helpful to me.  For years before I struggled with mental health symptoms.  The lessons of the program gave me useful tools and insights to cope with.  I suggest the treatment program to anybody looking for the extra support.” (Client from the Community Transition Program)


Contact Us
Queen’s Day Treatment Services
Kaheiheimaile Building
1374 Nuuanu Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96817
Screening Line: 808.691.4157
Front Desk: 808.691.4352
Fax: 808.691.4574

The intake process is the same for all programs; interested clients should call the screening line at 808.691.4157 and leave a message being sure to include name and phone number.  Someone will return your call within 72 hours and schedule a screening interview at that time. Parking is free for all clients. We are not a walk-in clinic. Appointments are necessary.



Coming from Ewa:
Take H1 East towards Honolulu and take the Vineyard Blvd. exit.  Continue straight on Vineyard until you pass Maunakea Street. Turn right into our parking lot directly after passing Zippy’s.

Coming from Diamondhead:
Take H1 West towards Honolulu and take exit 22 to merge onto Vineyard Blvd.  Continue straight on Vineyard in the far left hand lane until you pass the Pali Safeway on the left hand side. Turn left onto Nuuanu Ave. and take immediate right after our 3rd story building into driveway; (driveway is hidden).

Coming from the Windward Side:
From Likelike take H1 East towards Honolulu and take the Vineyard Blvd. exit.  Continue straight on Vineyard until you pass Maunakea Street. Turn right into our parking lot directly after passing Zippy’s.

From Pali continue towards Honolulu and take a right at the Vineyard Blvd. light.  Continue straight on Vineyard in the far left hand lane until you pass the Pali Safeway on the left hand side. Turn left onto Nuuanu Ave. and take immediate right after our 3rd story building into driveway; (driveway is hidden).


Funding Sources
Each program within Day Treatment Services accepts most major insurances.  For people without insurance, limited funding is available from The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division and The Adult Mental Health Division. For information about what private insurance covers specifically, please ask your individual insurance provider.

Monday - Friday
8:00 to 4:30pm






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