Healing Through Art

Healing Through Art

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Healing Through Art

Healing Through Art
Healing Through Art is a program of The Queen's Cancer Center that helps patients meet the challenges of diagnosis, treatment and survivorship by exploring their own creativity. Caregivers and staff are also welcome to participate.

Learn more about our featured artists and their journey to healing through art:

No Evidence of Disease (NED)
Medium: Acrylic
My painting expresses joy—for the kindness of my neighbors who gave me a lovely floral bouquet to celebrate the NED news, of painting again after more than a year, of connecting with other cancer survivors, and of being alive.

About the artist:
Alison was born in England and moved to Canada at age 9. After graduating with a master's degree in Computer Science, specializing in Artificial Intelligence, she worked for many years in Silicon Valley. In 2000, Alison semi-retired to Hawai'i, met her husband, and started a family. She took her first painting class in 2003.

In January 2014, Alison was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Her journey involved treating a disease that mutated to a form that was resistant to chemotherapy, and spread to her lungs. She was treated at the Queen's Cancer Center and at the City of Hope (a leading research and treatment center for cancer in California) where she underwent a stem cell transplant. In February 2015, her PET scan showed No Evidence of Disease (NED); receiving this news, she celebrated with other cancer survivors, many of whom she met at the Healing Through Art program.

A Spiritual and Divine Transformation
Medium: Acrylic
A message of hope when all feels so very ugly and hopeless.

About the artist:
Donna joined the Healing Through Art program after being diagnosed with cancer. Her early attempts to uplift her spirit through painting, initially produced images that reflected the ugliness that she felt inside. Though she struggled at first, like many program participants, Donna discovered the creative process to be soothing and meditative. According to Donna, "When trying and failing to create optimism in my art, a question was presented to me, 'what other thoughts of places or things brought me joy and healing?' Growing up in Hawai'i, the obvious answer was the water." By recognizing the beauty that is present beneath the surface, Donna was able to transform her painting, and her spirit, into one of hope.
Donna found friendship, hope, and a budding art talent in the Healing Through Art program at Queen's.

Manalani, Divine Energy
Medium: Acrylic
I love waterfalls and rainbows! They leave me in awe of nature's beauty, and put a smile in my heart.

About the artist:
Evonne is a retired educator whose love for learning put her on a continual path of discovery. She attends classes in medical qi gong, lomilomi, la'au lapa'au, energy healing, hula, and ukulele. In appreciation for all that she has learned, she shares her time and talents with others through volunteer service.

After her diagnosis of cancer, Evonne began to view life and nature with greater appreciation. The Healing Though Art program has given her an outlet to express this appreciation and her abundant creative energy in a nurturing environment.


Fire and Water
Medium: Acrylic
Inspired by 18 years of living and working in Taiwan, which has had a profound impact and influence on my life.

About the artist:
With a lifelong passion for design and Chinese culture, Lynn's art piece combines the best of both worlds. An economist by training, and security analyst and chartered financial analyst by profession, she spent 18 years in Taiwan as a vice president with JF/JP Morgan Bank and, subsequently, as the executive director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei for six years.

In 2001, she decided it was time to leave the financial world and started her own jewelry design business. This was the beginning of Lynn expressing her passion for design, color and texture.

In 2007, Lynn was diagnosed with breast cancer and her world was swallowed up by treatments and doctor appointments, including a seven-month stint at the City of Hope undergoing high-dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplant. As she continues maintenance treatments, Lynn finds the Queen's Healing Through Art program enhances her quality of life, freeing her emotionally from the grind of cancer treatments and appointments, while allowing her to express herself through art.

Mary (Betsy)
Into the Light
Medium: Watercolor
I am like this flower, opening to the light and warmth created by the wonderful people in this special Healing Through Art program.

About the artist:
Mary was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and underwent a lumpectomy, lymph node surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and daily medication. She had almost reached that magic five-year survivor marker when the breast cancer returned.

Getting through the second occurrence has been difficult for Mary. The Healing Through Art program has been a source of comfort. She becomes both lost and focused while painting, surrounded by others whose lives have also been forever altered by cancer. The group communicates with laughter, supportive words, and sometimes tears. For Mary, there is nothing comparable to this form of sharing while immersed in the creative process.

Life Springs Eternal
Medium: Collage mixed media
Life is like a maze. Surviving a medical crisis helps us see the beauty of life's many facets from a different perspective.

About the artist:
While trying to get back to living a normal life after breast cancer surgery and radiation treatment, Patty came across a flyer about the Healing Though Art program. She had never had time for art classes while in school and thought she would sign up. Patty was also concerned about eventually developing Alzheimer's disease and understood that learning something new to stimulate the brain wasone way to keep the brain from deteriorating.

The art classes took her mind off the stresses of everyday life and made her realize that spiritual therapy was just as important to the healing process as was physical rehabilitation. For Patty, the physicians monitored her physical health, but the spiritual healing came from the art classes.

Sanctuary Shores
Medium: Watercolor
Life is so precious, appreciate what you have! Love life and carpe diem.

About the artist:
Sharon grew up in an environment where art was discouraged. After turning 15, Sharon has no recollection of doing any artwork again. When she retired from a career as a software engineer and moved to Honolulu, she contemplated taking painting lessons, but decided to take hula instead.

Then in early 2013, Sharon was diagnosed with breast cancer. She became anxious, desperate, and found the decision-making process about health care options and the treatments to be tortuous. It was during this time when she discovered the Healing Through Art program at Queen's. She saw the program as an opportunity to finally take art classes, and was able to explore a variety of art subjects including jewelry design, watercolor, acrylic and collage. Sharon continues to uncover and explore her creative talent, while also experiencing the healing power of art.

Viewing the Golden Pavilion
Medium: Acrylic and collage mixed media
I woke up excited one morning, inspired with a crystal clear image of the artwork on this card. I am so thankful to God for strength and peace to overcome adversity, for His inspiration to create art, and for my husband's love and support.

About the artist:
When Sophie was growing up, it was her mother who was the artist in the family, expressing herself as both a singer and a sculptor. Though Sophie also had an interest in art, she was a rebellious teenager and refused to participate in the same things as her mother. 

In her mid-30s, Sophie's attitude changed when she received Christ. She found that her negative emotions were replaced by a sense of abiding peace. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have bilateral mastectomies and reconstructive surgeries, she turned to God for comfort and to help restore her sense of humor.

Sophie had not painted much since high school, but she jumped at the chance to take art lessons through the Healing Through Art program. She found the classes exciting, fun and healing for the mind and soul. Now that she shares her mother's passion for art, Sophie has found that life has come full circle.