Radiation Oncology

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Striving for Excellence

Utilizing the skills of the most experienced and trained staff at the best equipped facility in the State, each patient receives a custom designed treatment plan.

The Radiation Oncology program provides care to cancer patients of all ages and backgrounds, and performs both curative and palliative radiation treatments. Over 90% of the radiation treatments are delivered to outpatients, most of whom are ambulatory and self supportive. Inpatients who require intensive monitoring or other services are also treated.

The scope of radiation treatments includes external beam radiation therapy, intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), low and high dose brachytherapy (HDR), stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), and stereotactic brain radio-surgery (SRS).

The Team

The Radiation Oncology Team is committed to providing excellent patient care. The caregivers work in a collaborative and multi-disciplinary environment, where the patient is number one. The cancer treatment team provides the highest standards in patient evaluation, treatment planning, treatment delivery, and management for each and every patient.

The Radiation Oncology Team consists of:

  • Board–Certified Radiation Oncologists
  • Registered Nurses
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Physicists
  • Medical Dosimetrists
  • Radiation Therapists
  • Medical Physics Technicians
  • Patient Service Representatives
  • Manager

A radiation oncologist consults with each patient upon referral from the attending or primary care physician. The patient goes through an initial assessment that covers an extensive history and physical, after which a treatment recommendation is discussed. Upon admission into the department, a registered nurse interviews each patient to complete a comprehensive evaluation which includes medical history, reason for treatment or diagnosis, treatment and side effects education, as well as addressing any psycho-social or physical concerns. During the course of the treatment, the entire team will monitor symptom management.

After a specific course of treatment is recommended and agreed upon by the patient and the radiation oncologists, the patient undergoes treatment planning by the medical physicist and dosimetrist. Precise radiation treatments are delivered by certified radiation therapists as prescribed by and under the supervision of the radiation oncologist. During the course of radiation treatment, each patient is seen once each week to be evaluated for any treatment related side effects, and for any other questions or concerns that the patient may have. After the completion of the treatment course, the patient is scheduled for periodic follow-ups with the physician to continue monitoring treatment outcomes.


The Radiation Oncology Department offers an extensive range of advanced technological and collaborative approaches to ensure unsurpassed clinical care. Safe and accurate radiation therapy is provided with the use of ionizing radiation equipment (linear accelerators) and radioactive sources. All equipment and sources are inspected, tested, and calibrated regularly by a board-certified medical physicist.

QCC Radiation Oncology equipment includes:

  • The only facility in Hawai‘i to offer TomoTherapy, which combines an advanced form of intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) with CT scanning for image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT). This system provides unprecedented accuracy for treating targets more effectively while dramatically reducing toxicity to healthy surrounding tissue. The unique capabilities of TomoTherapy and the specialized training of our radiation oncologists allow QCC Radiation Oncology to also offer stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT)
  • The only facility to offer three external beam radiation therapy treatment machines (Elekta Infinity, Dual-Energy Varian Multi-Leaf 2100C, and Tomo- Therapy HiArt system) for a variety of effective ways to deliver radiation treatment protocols.
  • A Varian Gammed Unit for high dose rate (HDR) remote after-loading for brachytherapy.
  • A Philips Big Bore CT Simulator – designed specifically for radiation oncology with the latest in radiation treatment planning, including 4-D gating. Four dimensional CT planning enables the most accurate treatment of targets (tumors) that move with breathing, particularly in the lung, liver, and breast.
  • Five treatment planning systems: ADAC Pinnacle for IMRT and 3-D teletherapy; Variseed for prostate seed implants; Varian Brachyvision for High Dose Rate (HDR) after-loading; Radiaonics Xknife for Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS); and newly acquired RayStation for specific treatment planning protocols.
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) – Mosaiq
  • Queen’s Radiation Oncology’s radiation treatment delivery system, Elekta Infinity, provides leading edge technology with patient safety features. Designed with proven, seventh generation digital technology, the Elekta infinity redefines treatment position, speed, and control to give superior radiation treatments. Some of the features of this system include a built in 3-D CT imaging, real time motion tracking, and 5mm multi-leaf collimator. A very unique capability of this treatment machine is volumetric intensity modulated arc therapy (VMAT). This allows the radiation beam to be continuously shaped around the tumor like shrink wrapping, which provides much better accuracy and faster treatment times. VMAT also requires significantly lower doses of radiation for effective treatments.

Queen’s Radiation Oncology patients have access to:

  • The largest and most comprehensive state-of-the-art radiation oncology department in Hawai‘i.
  • The only radiation oncology department in Hawai‘i that is ACR (American College of Radiology) accredited.
  • The safest treatment in Hawai‘i, with all its equipment inspected, tested, and routinely calibrated by full-time, board-certified medical physicists.
  • The most experienced and trained staff that includes 3 board certified medical physicists, 2 medical physics technicians, 5 medical dosimetrists, 12 radiation therapists, 3 registered nurses, and 1 medical assistant.
  • The only facility to offer 3 different external beam radiation treatment machines and an HDR Brachytherapy system to complement them for a variety of effective ways to deliver radiation therapy.
  • In addition to standard external beam radiation, specialized treatments are also offered, including stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT), accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI), prostate seed implants (PSI), and high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy for gynecologic, prostate, and other malignancies.
  • Peer-reviewed, evidence-based treatment protocols incorporating the NCCN (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) guidelines by a team of board certified radiation oncologists.
  • Robust screening to determine eligibility for enrollment in leading-edge treatment protocols with the widest selection of radiation clinical trials. Some clinical trials are only available at QMC.
  • A nationally-recognized, award-winning patient navigation program.
  • A Survivorship Program with management and monitoring.
  • Cancer Research Services
  • Collaborative services, including social work, genetic counseling, psychiatry, nutrition, spiritual guidance, rehabilitation, radiation, and cancer care education.
  • Tumor registry.
  • A hospital full code team and crisis nurse available to respond to all medical emergencies.