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The Queen's Human Motion Institute offers a full line of specialists, including orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and rehabilitation therapists.

The objective is simply stated: "To differentiate The Queen's Medical Center Human Motion Institute® (HMI) as the clear choice for musculoskeletal care in the Pacific." This objective is reachable because, at the heart of Queen's HMI is a simply stated, patient-centered goal: "To return patients to normal function as quickly and safely as possible."

Queen's HMI encompasses all services for bone, muscle, joint and spine care, including the prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. The Human Motion Institute is an organization which with hospitals to provide world-class musculoskeletal programs of distinction. Queen's partnered with HMI, which has associations with 155 hospitals in the U.S. and Europe, to take its musculoskeletal program to the next level in patient care excellence. "We wanted to put a face on our program and let people know who they can turn to for the care of their bones, joints and muscle ailments," said Karen Hadwin, RN, Director of Medicine Services. HMI enhances organizational effectiveness and reach so orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, rehabilitation professionals and other staff at Queen's can do what they do best—care for patients with musculoskeletal injuries.

Queen's has led musculoskeletal treatment in Hawai’i since 1971, when the first total hip and total knee replacement surgeries were performed here. Since those beginnings of modern orthopedics in Hawai’i, Queen's has consistently provided leading edge treatments and the most advanced technologies in the field. Today, Queen's performs more total joint replacement and reconstruction surgeries than any other hospital in Hawai’i. With eight out of 10 Americans experiencing life-altering episodes of back pain, Queen's HMI also specializes in preventing and providing relief for back pain and spinal disorders. Another specialty at Queen's HMI is the treatment of the uniquely complex hand and upper extremity parts of the human body, which includes the joints, bones and muscles of the fingers, hand, wrist, arm, elbow and shoulder. Specialists are also trained to treat foot and ankle pain.

An essential part of the treatment process is rehabilitation. Queen's HMI employs a variety of advanced techniques to restore normal strength, motion and flexibility, and reduce pain as quickly and as safely as possible.

A growing subspecialty is sports medicine. In addition to providing specialized assessment and treatment for sports-related injuries, the Queen's HMI team is actively involved in educating athletes, coaches and parents about injury recognition and prevention. For a physician referral or for more information about the Queen's Human Motion Institute, call 808.545.8800, or visit http://queens.humanmotioninstitute.org.

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